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Smart-Cart (SC-1)

Smart-Cart adds to sterility and asespis by putting all used Surgical Gauze Swabs being drained with pus/abscess etc. away from the sterile working field therefore preventing spread of infection to sterile instruments and/or other parts in OR.


The OR nurse

The OR nurse can devote more time and accuracy assisting the surgeon. The OR nurse can at anytime without loosing the time, give the surgeon information how many Surgical Gauze Swabs are still in the patients body.


To another level

It provides precise, real-time Surgical Gauze Swabs counting. It speeds up the sign-out by several minutes and achieves safe operation without need to think if all the Surgical Gauze Swabs were taken out of the patients body.

Traditional counting methods and the use of the Smart-Cart.





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Free trial use

If you would like to use the Smart-Cart contact us, and we will ship to you a DEMO sample for a trial time period. After which you can return the Smart-Cart or keep it for good.


Smart-Cart saves much needed time to OR nurses. It simplify procedure of Surgical Gauze Swabs counting reversing manual counting to the state of the art infrared LED counting.

Smart-Cart gives the much needed progression from the end of the 19th Century when manual Gauze-counting was imployed.

It takes away all the risk and responsibility laying on OR Nurse and Surgeon by making it impossible to leave the Gauze inside the patient's body.


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